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Call us crazy, but we think that there should be an easier, faster way to acquire the equipment you need for your business; one that doesn’t touch your cash reserves or require a call to your friendly banker, that’s why Riegling Bros has teamed up with National Leasing to offer you quick, simply leasing options perfect for all types of equipment and adaptable to the specific needs of your business.

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The Make It Happen Lease™ is smart business.

Go ahead, give yourself a pat on the back for making a smart business decision to lease your equipment. Here are some of the reasons The Make It Happen Lease™ makes you so smart

You increased your buying power.

By reducing your equipment purchase to a simple periodic payment you’ve leveraged up the buying power of your operating or capital budgets. For example, $30,000 annual equipment budget can be leveraged up considerably through The Make It Happen Lease™ in comparison to applying the total amount to just a few purchases outright. You can also add extra features or accessories to your equipment for very small increases in your payment.

You didn’t have to make a down payment.

Unlike most financing options, The Make It Happen Lease™ does not typically require a down payment. One hundred percent of your purchase price is financed.

You may also have enjoyed some other tax benefits.

In many instances, leasing provides a business with income tax benefits by allowing it to expense lease payments rather than depreciating the capital cost of equipment. Consult your tax advisors to find out how leasing can benefit the tax position of your business.

You can better match revenue with expenditures.

The Make It Happen Lease™ allows you to better match your revenue with your expenses by paying for the equipment while it is used to generate income or protect profits.

You didn’t touch your cash or lines of credit.

In business you always want to preserve your cash and lines of credit so that they can be left in reserve for the unexpected or used to grow your business in other ways. Think of it – no business ever experiences financial difficulty because it has too much cash on hand.

You put-off the taxman until another day.

When you purchase or finance equipment outright, you pay the GST and PST up front. But not with The Make It Happen Lease™ which spreads out your tax payments over the term of the equipment lease.

You’ve protected yourself against inflation.

By leasing now you establish your equipment costs in today’s dollars, and pay those costs incrementally in inflated future dollars, as the equipment is used.